clipboardSurveys are a handy tool for helping you think about your health in a new way by sparking your curiosity and your questioning mind. Health is something that changes for each individual over time, based on what they are going through.

Surveys and questionnaires can help you check back in with yourself and ask: What's going on with my health today? Our surveys are written so that they immediately give you something to work with toward better health. They also give us useful information so we can recommend specific Services, HC pages, and Blog articles that will help you regain health and feel like your old self again. Check out the surveys on this page, and here is a full list of the surveys available:

Health Constellations Checklist

This checklist helps you prioritize which health surveys would be most helpful for you to take first. It covers a very brief sampling of questions from each of the focused surveys and gives you a number score for each section. If you include your e-mail address at the end of the survey, we'll send you your personalized results along with tips on which specific surveys to complete for your unique health profile.

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PencilStress Level Survey

Do you ever wonder where your stress level lies, and how much stress is too much stress? Do you sometimes ask yourself the following:

  • Why am I so tired all the time?
  • How much longer can my body keep up with all this?
  • When will things let up?
  • When was the last time I relaxed and did nothing?

If these types of thoughts pass through your mind, accompanied by chronic physical symptoms, it's time to take a survey to test out your stress level. To take the HC Stress Survey, click on the button below:

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Digestion Survey

It can be frustrating to have digestive upset in whatever form you're experiencing it. Digestive issues can be one of the main culprits when someone just feels "off," or not quite themselves. Just a few common symptoms experienced include:

  • Low energy
  • Poor concentration
  • Weak immune system

If you've been dealing with digestive issues, take the following survey that will give you an idea of what you can do next to get better digestion.

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Fatigue Survey

Have you been tired for a long time and when hearing the buzz words "chronic fatigue," wondered if you have it? Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is made up of a cluster of symptoms that go along with the fatigue, and you can find more information about it here. You an also take the following health survey focused on chronic fatigue-type symptoms. While the survey is not for diagnosis purposes, it will give you an idea if your cluster of symptoms leans anywhere toward CFS.

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Women's Health Surveywoman resting head on arms

Estrogen and progesterone in the female body try and maintain a balance with each other. When estrogen overtakes progesterone's effects somehow, either through too much estrogen or not enough progesterone, symptoms of estrogen dominance can set it. Not all women's health symptoms can be explained through estrogen dominance, but many of the common female symptoms do arise or get worse from estrogen dominance. If you're a woman, are you dealing with these types of symptoms? Take the Estrogen Dominance survey to find out.

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Young Man Driving Motor Bike Wearing HelmetMen's Health Survey

For men, there's primarily one hormone you want to track and make sure you're at healthy levels for the age that you're at. And that is--testosterone. Low testosterone can lead to symptoms that directly make sense, for example low libido and low energy. But it can also lead to other symptoms that may not immediately spring to mind, including weight gain and other metabolic issues. Wondering if low testosterone is affecting your health? Take this Men's Health Survey to find out more.

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Autoimmune Survey

There are many different autoimmune conditions, but a lot of them share similar characteristics in a cluster of general symptoms. Why? Autoimmune conditions all affect the overall health of the body, not just one part of it.

Often, we see fatigue and other symptoms of weakness and just feeling run down. Wondering about autoimmunity in your own health profile? Take the following survey to find out how much your symptoms lean the autoimmune way. Though it is not meant for diagnosis, it will show you the general features of autoimmunity and allow you to explore your health through that lens.

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Chronic Pain Survey

Physical pain experienced on a daily basis stops becoming just a physical issue and spreads into the areas of mental-emotional health, lifestyle balance, and overall health. If you deal with chronic pain, do you ever find yourself thinking the following:

  • I wake up to this problem and go to sleep with it at night.
  • So much of my worrying stems from this pain.
  • I hope the pain doesn't get worse.
  • I'm out of ideas on how to get better.

The very areas that are affected by chronic pain also hold keys as to how to feel better. Physical health, mental-emotional health, and lifestyle balance all combine to help reverse the path of chronic pain. How does chronic pain affect you on a daily basis, and what can you do about it? Take this survey to find out more.

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Metabolic SurveyWeighing Scales

The way your metabolism runs determines how prone you are (or not) to gaining weight. Metabolic syndrome is a modern term for a cluster of symptoms that can arise along with weight gain, including insulin resistance and high blood pressure. It's important to keep a healthy weight for many reasons, not to mention each of us feels better when weight is balanced to our frames. Are your health and metabolism leaning you in the direction of perpetual weight gain? Take the following survey to find out, and if so what to do next.

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sugar canister2 Candida Survey

Sugar is not evil, but there's a point where it can start upsetting digestive balance, contribute to fatigue, and make our bodies more susceptible to health issues. How? Sugar can wreak havoc in many ways, but one of them is by feeding candida yeast in the gut.

As candida grows, your beneficial gut bacteria can become crowded out. Take the survey below to see if it's time for you to pay more attention to your sugar intake.

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Detoxing Survey

Have you been feeling sluggish and tired lately, and you don't know why? Are you prone to skin issues and have a hard time losing weight (or gain it easily)? These are the types of symptoms that can occur from a liver that is burdened from stress, lifestyle habits, and other factors. Is it time to take time out to support your body and your liver through the detoxification process? Take the following survey to find out more.

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