Detoxing Survey

1. How difficult is it for you to lose weight, even when watching what you eat?


2. How much do you deal with fatigue on a daily basis?


3. How much do you, or have you dealt with skin issues such as acne?


4. Do you get itchy skin?


5. How much do you experience excessive sweating?


6. Do you ever notice a strong and pungent body odor on you?


7. How much do you deal with food and chemical sensitivities?


8. Do you get allergies and symptoms such as runny eyes and nose, sneezing, and congestion?


9. How much do you feel nauseous?


10. How much do you experience sugar cravings?


11. How much do you deal with discomfort in your abdomen after eating heavy and fatty foods? (especially in the upper right area)


12. Would you self-describe your metabolism as sluggish?


13. How much do you experience brain fog (or an inability to concentrate)


14. Do you feel sudden mood changes, including irritability and anger?


15. How much does your body feel overheated, especially your face and torso?


16. Do you deal with indigestion and/or constipation?