Strengthening Your Mental Game

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Strengthening Your Mental Game

Does seeing something in your mind’s eye make it real? Well, if not for the visions seen inside the minds of countless innovators and inventors, we wouldn’t be surrounded by light bulbs, televisions, cars, and so many other useful devices and gadgets.

Are ideas inside our minds real when they pertain to what we’d like to see with our health? The creative inventions around us serve as examples that what we visualize can be partway toward a reality. The other part involves acting on what we see so that it can come true. The act of visualizing what we want is no less important than the final outcome. It’s an essential step!

Athletes visualize before a big event. Artists visualize so they can create something meaningful to them. Inventors visualize so they can come up with a new invention. Each of us has the power to use visualization toward feeling healthier. Since each of us is unique in how we approach health, visualization is a very individual experience.

There are many ways to picture health. You can picture the obstacles that are getting in the way of your health goals, and then imagine hurtling over them somehow. You can pick out challenging areas of health and see them getting better in your mind’s eye. Or if you want to improvise, just get very relaxed and then see what form of visualization comes to your mind first.

Getting healthy can be a creative process, and the act of visualization helps bring this out. Just like an athlete, if we strengthen our mental game in how we approach our health, the steps we take to become healthier can be even more effective. Instead of just going through the motions of eating better or exercising to lose weight, for example, the mental toughness needed to stick with the program can be boosted through visualization.

Visualization can also give you new ideas on how to take better care of yourself. It encourages you to pay attention to how your body is feeling, especially if you do it in a relaxing manner before going to bed or in the morning. Just close your eyes, relax, notice how your body’s feeling, and ready-set-go on visualizing where you want to go next with your health.

Of course, the companion piece to visualization is action. So whatever steps you are taking to improve your health, keep doing those as well. What steps have you wanted to take in your health, and what kind of visualization might help boost your confidence in getting there?



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