Star Clusters

Star Clusters

The Health Constellations system starts with your unique symptoms, or stars. Stars represent the individual physical and mental-emotional symptoms that can occur in the body. Each person is unique, so the symptoms they experience are unique as well. All your symptoms put together form your constellation of symptoms.

For example, it could be that along with fatigue (one star), a person has sluggish digestion and skin issues. Someone else may feel tired but instead experiences anxiety and insomnia along with the fatigue. A third person yawns all day and suffers from weakness as well as a low libido. Clearly, it is different for each person how fatigue fits into a larger health picture and affects daily living.

Stepping back to see more than just the fatigue, let’s say:

  • The first person improves his gastrointestinal health and voila–the fatigue and skin problems both start getting better.
  • The second person explores why she is feeling anxious and as a result, sleeps better and feels more rested.
  • The third person starts improving her lifestyle to re-balance her hormones, increase energy, and get back her libido.

How did each person regain his or her energy? By stepping back and exploring the big picture–the symptoms, or stars, that were clustered around the fatigue–which offered further clues toward getting better.

In fact, symptoms tend to cluster in some common ways that lead to many of today’s chronic health concerns. The Stars section explores these topics in the form of Star Clusters.

What are Star Clusters?

Star Clusters are common areas of health imbalances that can lead to chronic symptoms, affect overall health, and reduce energy and vitality. Each Star Cluster shows the underlying factors that can create imbalance, typical symptoms (stars) that can arise, and how the stars are connected. Each section also identifies which Star Clusters tend to influence each other and coexist in common chronic health conditions. Reading through each star cluster, you can start to identify which ones are included in your unique health constellation. You can click through the Star Cluster buttons listed below, and for additional help, visit the How To page.


☆ Chronic Stress

Stress Star Cluster

☆ Digestive Complaints

Digestion Star Cluster

☆ Constant Fatigue

Fatigue Star Cluster


☆ Women’s Health

Women’s Star Cluster

☆ Men’s Health

Men’s Star Cluster

☆ Autoimmune Conditions

Autoimmune Cluster


☆ Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain Cluster

☆ Weight Issues

Weight Gain Cluster

☆ Sugar & Candida

Candida Star Cluster


☆ Excess Sugar & Weight

Sugar-Weight Cluster

☆ Detoxing & Liver Health

Detox Star Cluster
Three stars