Sample Healthover

Sample Healthover

Why is it important to notice symptoms that exist at the same time? There are a couple of good reasons.

First off, while people tend to focus on what treatments will help solve a health problem, for chronic long-standing health complaints the treatment is not the only key. The other key to preventing and treating chronic health concerns is simple—it’s you. Your body, thoughts, and emotions are giving you regular clues as to what’s going on with your health, and even when the clues seem unrelated, paying attention to them will help lead the way toward finding health and balance.

Second, not only does one symptom improve by looking at your unique constellation, but all the areas of weaker health can get better. The body is full of connections, from cell to cell, organ to organ, emotions to physiology, and symptom to symptom. There are no more valuable clues to attaining health than what the body offers.

Health Constellations teaches you how to notice the clues your body is sending about your health, use investigative skills to connect the dots between symptoms, and support your unique constellation to make healthy changes. To start exploring your health constellation, click through the Star Clusters section that introduces you to the concept of symptom clusters and how to identify them. Read the Sample Healthover below for a simple demonstration of how connecting the dots between symptoms can help improve health.


stomachSue has long-standing indigestion. A friend recommends a probiotic treatment to Sue to help support healthy gut bacteria, which she tries. She notices a small improvement, but the problem is still there. Her doctor recommends an over-the-counter heartburn medication, which she also tries. She feels a little better, but still does not feel digestive balance. Her husband tells her that exercising in the morning helps his digestion, so Sue tries that too.

No matter what Sue tries, even if she accomplishes all the treatments simultaneously, the improvement is not quite gelling for her and she’s becoming frustrated.

magnifying glass2Let’s look more closely at Sue’s situation. Every time Sue got a treatment recommendation, she thought it would magically make her own digestive symptoms disappear with a sound like “Poof.” Each time that didn’t happen, she became more frustrated, less confident that the symptoms would ever go away, and less invested in her overall health.

There was nothing inherently wrong with the treatments, but rather in the way Sue was going about the process of getting healthy. She made the particular treatment 99% of the equation, while she as a human being became 1% of the equation. She didn’t pay any attention to how she felt physically or mental-emotionally during the process. And if she did focus on her ill digestion, it was only to point out to herself how the symptoms would remain her unwanted buddy forever.

This example may remind you of one of your own frustrating health experiences or that of someone you know. It may also remind you of Sisyphus from Greek mythology, who was a king punished by Zeus in the form of rolling a huge boulder up a hill for all of eternity. No matter how much effort Sisyphus put in, the boulder would just roll back down again.

Fortunately, getting healthy doesn’t have to feel like Sisyphus’s task. By taking the “I” and putting it ahead of the specific treatment(s), the task can get easier and even more enjoyable. The “I” is equal to the sum of the symptom along with an individual’s lifestyle habits, how he or she feels physically and mental-emotionally, and the other coexisting symptoms that are all offering clues to overall health. As these factors gel and are brought into view, it gets easier to make healthy changes in an effective way.

looking through binocularsSue contacts Health Constellations and books our Basic Healthover package from the Services page. What does she get as part of her Healthover?

  1. A Healthover questionnaire to tell us about her main symptoms,
  2. A consultation with us on the phone, over e-mail, or in person,
  3. A Healthover Handbook to improve her unique health constellation,
  4. Specific recommendations on natural therapies, and
  5. A follow-up session with us so we can check in with Sue’s symptoms.

Let’s look more closely at Sue’s full Healthover. After Sue fills out her Healthover questionnaire form, we do a consultation with her over e-mail to gather any additional information (clues) we need to put together her health constellation. Using Sue’s complete health profile, we mail her a personalized Healthover Handbook  that uniquely addresses her health constellation and includes the following features to help improve her health:

  • Health Clues/Stars — Results (stars/symptoms) from Sue’s health questionnaire and consultation.
  • Visual Stars Section — Visual aids like diagrams and charts to highlight Sue’s health constellation.
  • Overall Health Constellation A summary of Sue’s overall health constellation.
  • Healthover Plan A personalized Healthover for Sue including tailored lifestyle suggestions, recommendations on natural therapies, and specific tips to support the connections in her health.
  • One-glance Reference A visual aid that combines Sue’s constellation and Healthover onto one page, so she can hang it on her refrigerator for easy reference.
  • Healthover Journal — Space for Sue to write down her health observations as she does her Healthover.
  • Future Recommendations Describes what steps come next for follow-up and health goals.

Sue’s Healthover helps her take a step back from her indigestion and points out the big picture of her health and what factors may be contributing to heartburn. Sue’s unique health constellation reveals that her level of stress has been very high at work for the past few months. As a result, her diet has changed drastically. Daily she skips breakfast, has coffee and a cookie for lunch, and then is too tired to cook when she gets home and opts for a microwave dinner. She snacks on candy in between. The added stress has taken a toll on her face as her skin looks more dull and dry and she looks perpetually tired. She feels sad that she no longer puts time aside for creative activities, reading books, cooking, or sports.

With these useful clues, the Healthover Handbook gives Sue a new game plan for healing from indigestion. In addition to visually drawing out Sue’s health constellation, the handbook addresses these specific areas for her Healthover:

  • Stress-relief tips including an exercise plan, relaxation techniques, and a guide for tailoring eating habits to put less stress on the body.
  • Dietary measures to reduce and prevent indigestion, such as eating breakfast to support energy and prevent strong hunger pangs.
  • A “kitchen snapshot” that helps Sue transition to cooking healthier, tastier, less sugary meals.
  • A skincare routine that both internally and externally addresses how to hydrate the skin and bring back its healthy glow.
  • Natural therapies recommended to help reduce heartburn, promote healthy digestion, relieve stress through adrenal support, and balance the skin.

Each Healthover Handbook is uniquely tailored to the individual and his or her specific health constellation. The handbook also shows how to implement the healthy living habits for both short-term and long-term health. Sue is motivated to get rid of her indigestion, feel better, and look better through her Healthover. Click on the next tab to read about her results.

spring After a month, we send Sue a follow-up form to check in with her symptoms as she goes through her Healthover. Sue’s form shows that after only a couple weeks of implementing the Healthover, she experienced less indigestion and when it was present it wasn’t as painful or uncomfortable as before.

She has more energy and spring in her step and in a strange way feels like there are more hours in her day. Sue has also become interested in a variety of new foods and is actually enjoying her meals and looking forward to cooking them. She joins a cooking club and makes new friends there who share her interest. She feels less high strung on a daily basis and can manage her stress better. Her skin is softer and brighter, making her look and feel years younger.

With less discomfort from her digestive tract, Sue feels more active and is ready for a more energetic exercise plan. We use all of Sue’s follow-up answers to compile an update with new charts and Healthover tips that we send to her over e-mail. Her next full Healthover is recommended in 3-6 months.

Three starsSue’s Healthover helped her improve her indigestion by attending to her unique constellation of symptoms, more effectively than if she had kept trying random treatments one by one. She also decided to pick and choose from among recommendations other people made, only keeping those that made sense to her body and her health. The icing on Sue’s cake from attending to her whole health includes more energy, less stress, healthier skin, new hobbies, and feeling younger.

Sue’s results show us why it’s valuable to look at multiple symptoms that exist together. Not only does one symptom improve after looking at the full health constellation, but all the areas of health that feel weak can get better. The body is full of connections–from cell to cell, organ to organ, emotions to physiology, and symptom to symptom. There are no more valuable clues to attaining health than what the body offers. Of course, it takes good observation and detective skills along with patience to connect the dots toward good health. We help you do this!

Health Constellations shows you how to look at your unique constellation of symptoms and how to support your body through healing and prevention of future symptoms. We offer educational tools through this website as well as an array of Healthover packages and other services that can help you more in-depth with improving your health. Check out our Services and How To pages for more information.