How To

How To

Health Constellations offers many convenient free resources and tools to help you explore your health, improve chronic health symptoms, and look and feel better. Our Goal is to help you discover the underlying connections and patterns between your unique symptoms so you can get the big picture of your health. With Health Constellations free tools and resources, you can:

  1. Learn more about the specific symptoms you’re experiencing
  2. Take surveys that pinpoint areas of health imbalance that may be leading to your symptoms
  3. Read up on common health imbalances and discover which symptoms often cluster together
  4. Connect the dots between all your symptoms for your unique Health Constellation

Use our handy guide below for easy steps on how to discover your Health Constellation using our free tools. We also offer additional Services to help you reach better health using your Health Constellation. Click on a picture or heading, which will take you directly to the page you’re interested in exploring.


Health Constellations Tools


colored puzzle1)  Conditions

Visit the Conditions page to start building your unique Health Constellation using the specific set of symptoms you’re experiencing. This page lists common chronic symptoms and conditions and lets you click through each one to explore the underlying health and lifestyle factors that cause them. Each section also contains links to our other free tools, Surveys and Star Clusters (see below), according to the specific symptom you’re reading about. The Conditions page is a one-glance tool that makes it easy to find the health information you need according to your symptoms.


clipboard2)  Surveys

The Conditions page will point you to specific Health Surveys according to the symptoms you’re experiencing. The surveys are quick and simple to take and will immediately give you helpful healthy living tips after you complete them. They are a great way to check in with your health and to find out which health topics to explore next. You can get more information on which surveys to take by first completing our comprehensive Health Constellations checklist. You can also choose to scroll down the list of surveys and pick and choose what interests you the most.

Three stars3)  Star Clusters

The Star Clusters section builds on the Conditions and Surveys pages to show you underlying factors that create the symptoms you’re experiencing. Each Star Cluster describes a specific area of health imbalance, covers contributing factors, and explores common symptoms that cluster together. As you draw connections between different symptoms and different Star Clusters, your unique Health Constellation will become clearer to you and guide you toward basic ways to support each area of your health so you can feel and look your best.


facial4)  Services

After you’ve taken our surveys and learned about different Star Clusters that apply to your health, you can get a more in-depth look into your Health Constellation with our unique services. You can choose from among our many packages that each include a customized intake, healthy living plan, natural therapies, and follow-up. The Healthover package is our new and unique approach to feeling and looking good at Health Constellations. It will put a spring back in your step toward health! Click here for more info on packages, pricing, and booking.



  Additional Resources


cloud thought bubble1)  Healthy Mindset

Health goals involve not only physical preparation, but also mental-emotional preparation. Think about an athlete preparing for a sport who puts attention toward both physical preparation as well as attitude. Challenges can come up along the way and you want to be able to face them to reach your health goals. We devote a whole section to helping you jump over common mental hurdles that can get in the way of becoming healthier. Combined with our health surveys, Star Clusters, and Healthovers, it will help you put together all the pieces for long-lasting health.


writing icon2)  Blog

The Health Constellations Blog is an additional resource at your fingertips that helps you learn more about interesting connections in health care. We post articles about common chronic health topics, lifestyle factors in health, basic health tips, and natural therapies. We also point out important connections between physical health and mental-emotional health in reaching your health goals. Bookmark this page so you can catch new health articles as they’re posted, and feel free to contact us if there is a health topic you would like to see featured.


sample3)  Sample Healthover

During each Healthover, we look closely at your unique Health Constellation and come up with a healthy living plan that best covers the different symptoms you’re experiencing. After the initial intake, each plan involves tailored lifestyle recommendations, dietary measures, natural therapies, and follow-up. The aim is for you to feel good health not only in the short-term but also the long-term. You’ll feel more energy and spring in your step with each Healthover!


And finally…


Women talkingTell Your Friends!

It’s exciting to feel renewed health in your life, so if you find useful natural ways to achieve that at Health Constellations, tell you friends about it! You can easily connect to our Twitter and Facebook sites at the top of the page. We’ll also keep you up-to-date there on any new Health Constellations tools, services, or special discounts on Healthovers.