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Health Constellations Services help you take a more in-depth look into your unique health constellation so that you can look and feel better now and in the long-term.

We offer a unique service called a Healthover, as well as other health services such as Basic Health Consults, Homeopathy Sessions, and Health and Beauty Consults.


With each of our health packages, you will get:

  1. Health surveys and questionnaires to fill out that help us connect the dots between your symptoms,
  2. A consultation on the phone or over e-mail about your symptoms and health profile,
  3. A personalized Healthy Living Handbook focused on improving your unique health constellation,
  4. Specific recommendations or delivery of natural therapies  that get at the root of your health, and
  5. A follow-up session so we can check in with your symptoms after you start your healthy living plan.

You can read more about each of our packages and what they include in detail below. Once you purchase your package, we will be in touch with you using the secure contact information you provide us in order to book a day and time for your consultation. We look forward to working with you toward your health goals!


What is a Healthover? A Healthover is like a makeover---for your health. It will help you transform your health from the inside out, and the outside in. We connect the dots among your individual symptoms, lifestyle, and health factors to come up with your unique Health Constellation. Then we create a personalized Healthover that gets you feeling and looking good, including natural therapies that help improve areas such as adrenal health, digestion, the immune system, and detoxification. Check out our basic package below to book a Healthover with us! You can read a sample Healthover by clicking on this blue button:

Sample Healthover 

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Basic Healthover

The Basic Healthover is not only an effective way to get back your health, but it's fun too! We go over your unique Health Constellation with you, create a personalized Healthover to improve your symptoms, recommend natural therapies, and follow-up with you afterward. Includes:

  • 1 Healthover Consultation
  • 1 Healthover Handbook
  • 1 E-mail Follow-up

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After you book your Basic Healthover, we e-mail you a form to fill out that contains surveys and questions about your health and lifestyle habits. Once you submit the form back to us, we do a consultation with you (in person, over the phone, or via e-mail) to obtain more information about your complete health profile.

We will then send you a copy of your personalized Healthover Handbook (by shipping or e-mail) that focuses on improving the symptoms in your unique health constellation. This easy-to-read handbook includes:

  • Health Clues/Stars -- Shows the results (the main stars/symptoms) from your intake form.
  • Visual Stars Section -- Visual aids, including diagrams and charts, draw out your constellation.
  • Overall Health Constellation -- A summary of your overall health constellation.
  • Healthover Plan -- A complete plan to attain your health goals including tailored lifestyle suggestions, recommendations on natural therapies, and specific tips to support the connections in your health.
  • One-glance Reference -- A visual aid that combines your constellation and healthover onto one page, so you can hang it on your refrigerator for easy reference.
  • Healthover Journal -- Space to write down your health observations as you do your healthover.
  • Future Recommendations -- Describes what comes next in terms of follow-up and health goals.

After one month, we will e-mail you a follow-up form to check in with you, as well as updated charts and Healthover tips based on your progress.

Other Health Services

We also offer other unique health services to help you feel and look your best. The Basic Health Consult is a focused session where you can get help with a specific symptom you are experiencing along with recommendations on lifestyle changes and natural therapies for that symptom. We also offer Homeopathy and Health & Beauty Consults. Read about each of our other services more in-depth below.

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1) Basic Health Consult

The Basic Health Consult is focused around a specific health complaint you're experiencing. We recommend lifestyle habits, dietary measures, and natural therapies as part of a healthy living plan that is tailored to helping you feel better. Includes:

  • 1 Health consult
  • 1 Focused healthy living plan
  • 1 E-mail follow-up

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Once you book your Basic Health Consult, we will send you a health questionnaire to fill out that gives us information on the symptom you're experiencing. Using that information, we do a focused health consultation with you over e-mail or phone. We then send you a focused healthy living plan that includes:

  • Your Health Constellation -- Connections in your health that are contributing to your symptom.
  • Lifestyle recommendations -- Specific recommendations on diet, exercise, stress relief, and other self care tips tailored for your symptom.
  • A natural therapy plan -- Natural therapies aimed toward helping your symptom improve.

After one month, we will send you a follow-up form where we check in with your symptom. Based on your form, we will send you an updated health constellation and healthy living plan for continued improvement of your symptom and overall health.

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2) Homeopathy Consult

The Homeopathy Consult is a fun session that helps you get a "snapshot" into the big picture of your health, along with a customized remedy to spark re-balancing of your health on many levels. Homeopathy is useful for improving energy, relieving multiple chronic symptoms on a deep level, and boosting healthy vitality. Click here to learn more about homeopathy. Package includes:

  • 1 Homeopathic intake
  • 1 Homeopathic remedy with health tips
  • 1 E-mail follow-up

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After you book your Homeopathy Consult, we will send you a homeopathy questionnaire over e-mail that you can fill out. The questionnaire will ask you questions on not only your health, but also your quirks (or what uniquely makes you, you). We want to get a good picture of not only your symptoms, but also the person experiencing them. Typical questions can include:

  • Main symptom(s)
  • Health history
  • Your habits and preferences
  • Digestion and food cravings
  • Sleep habits
  • Your favorite things, and not-favorite things

If additional information is needed, we'll consult with you over e-mail or phone. We then mail you a homeopathic remedy that uniquely matches the information you provided us in your questionnaire and consultation. Along with instructions on how to take the remedy, your package will include personalized health tips to help support your health further.

After one month, we will send you a follow-up form to check in with your symptoms and overall health. Based on your follow-up, we can make additional health and homeopathy recommendations to help you feel and look better in your health.

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3) Health & Beauty Consult

The Health & Beauty Consult is a package that focuses on health and beauty from the inside-out, but also the outside-in. Find out ways that you can make health and beauty work together, feel youthful, and enjoy the way you look and feel naturally. Includes:

  • 1 Health & Beauty Intake
  • 1 Health & Beauty Handbook
  • 1 E-mail follow-up

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The Healthy & Beauty Consult is especially helpful for healthy weight loss, skin issues such as acne or eczema, and other symptoms that show up not only for inner health, but also outer health. Once you book your Health & Beauty Consult, we will send you a questionnaire that helps us find out more about your current symptoms, health and beauty goals, and lifestyle habits. Next, we do a consultation with you over e-mail or the phone to find out any additional information based on your questionnaire answers.

After your consultation, we will mail you a personalized Health & Beauty Handbook that supports your health both from the inside-out and outside-in, helping you feel and look better. Forget anti-aging! Your Health & Beauty Handbook will help you boost a healthy appearance right where you're at in life. The handbook includes:

  • Your Health Constellation -- The connections in your health that are contributing to your health and beauty symptoms.
  • Lifestyle recommendations -- Specific recommendations on diet, exercise, stress relief, and other self care tips tailored toward inner and outer health.
  • A natural therapy plan -- Natural therapies aimed toward improving your health and beauty symptoms.

After one month, we will e-mail you a follow-up form that you can fill out so we can check in with your progress. Based on your answers, we then send you updated recommendations for your handbook to help you reach your health and beauty goals.

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