Candida Survey

1. How much sugar is in your typical daily food intake?


2. How much are refined carbohydrates included in your diet? Examples are white wheat and rice products.


3. Think about the fluids you drink every day outside of water. How much do you consume sugary sodas, coffees, or vitamin drinks?


4. How much dairy is included in your diet?


5. How often do you feel tired after eating?


6. How often do you notice bloating or excessive gas after meals?


7. Have you ever noticed a white coating on your tongue?


8. How much do you get headaches?


9. Do you get athlete's foot, itching and burning of the feet, or discolored toenails?


10. How much do you experience "brain fog," or mental spaciness?


11. Do you experience digestive issues such as constipation or irritable bowel-type symptoms (constipation alternating with diarrhea)?


12. How often do you find yourself congested or clearing mucus from your nose or throat?


13. Do you experience itching and burning of the groin or rectal area?


14. Do you ever feel overly full or overly hungry in ways that are inconsistent with the amount that you ate?