Autoimmune Survey

1. Do you experience fatigue that doesn't improve with rest?


2. Have you had chronic muscle and/or joint pains?


3. How much does your body feel weaker than you're previously used to?


4. Do you notice swollen and tender lymph nodes and glands in your body?


5. Do you catch colds or other infections easily?


6. Do you have allergies and/or other sensitivities to foods or chemicals?


7. Do you experience inflammatory symptoms, like warmth and redness of the skin, joints, or other area(s)?


8. Do you have trouble sleeping, with insomnia and/or frequent waking during the night?


9. Do you experience weight fluctuations (either gaining or losing weight back and forth)?


10. How much do you experience digestive issues such as constipation, diarrhea, bloating, excessive gas, etc.?


11. How much do you experience mood changes?


12. How much does your specific cluster of symptoms lead to daily stress?


13. Do you notice symptoms of low blood sugar (dizziness, inability to concentrate, irritability, etc.)?


14. Do you notice general brain fog, or difficulty thinking and concentrating?