About the Creator of HC

DrP headshotAarti Patel is a licensed and board-certified Naturopathic Doctor in California. She created Health Constellations to help make personal health care more fun, approachable, and effective over the long-term. After three years of practicing naturopathy and homeopathy along the West Coast, Aarti saw a trend in her patients’ health stories. No symptom occurred isolated on its own island. There were always other health symptoms that rode alongside the main symptom that offered additional clues toward health. The symptoms formed a unique constellation for each person.

Seeing the constellations model to be an effective approach to healthy living for both herself and her patients, she wanted to create an online tool that would make Health Constellations and and personalized Healthovers easily available. Aarti enjoys working with each individual to unlock his or her unique potential for health and vitality. With a background in teaching as well, she picks up on individual learning styles to deliver tailored Healthovers that will effectively stick for long-term health. She is a firm believer that the journey toward health for each person involves learning, curiosity, and exploring the big picture.


Three starsAbout Health Constellations

Health Constellations focuses on today’s modern day health dilemma: many people are dealing with chronic health symptoms such as fatigue, low energy, weight gain, and trouble sleeping (just to name a few) on a daily basis. It can feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel of these persistent health complaints. It can also be difficult to decide where to take the first step on the road toward getting healthier.

Each part of the body is interconnected, and good health is felt when organ systems are working together smoothly and in balance. When stress, lifestyle habits, and other factors build up and disrupt the body’s balance, chronic health symptoms occur. It can be tempting to focus on just one symptom and try to fix it, but what about the larger picture of health? More often than not, there are other chronic health problems piggybacking with the one you’re trying to get rid of.

When you look up at the night sky, stars are easier to identify within groups, or constellations. Likewise, each symptom (star) is easier to investigate when put into the context of the other symptoms surrounding it—or the full constellation of symptoms. Using health constellations, we help you pay attention to and improve your unique group of chronic symptoms rather than just one isolated symptom on its own. In this way, you experience deeper and longer-lasting results in your health.

Each symptom offers a clue into the underlying factors that are disrupting your health. We help you look at all the clues (a.k.a. stars) together to come up with a healthy living plan that addresses multiple symptoms at the same time. Our Stars section explores some common clusters of symptoms that occur for people.

For a more personalized look into your unique constellation of symptoms, visit our Services page. We work with you to come up with a healthy living plan that will address your individual symptom constellation. Also, be sure to visit our How To page that goes over how to use this website for your specific health concerns. Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments you have. Thank you for visiting Health Constellations, and we look forward to hearing from you!